We began with a desire to start a home business that we could work as a family. Our goal has been to provide an attractive, clean, and family friendly environment; a place where people feel safe and are confident in the security of their stored belongings.

To achieve that, we installed door alarms on each unit that are deactivated with a personal pin-code. They are then re-armed upon exiting the facility. The site is also under 24 hr. video surveillance by multiple, strategically placed cameras. Adequate lighting on building exteriors aid our night vision cameras, and maintain a sense of safety for our customers in the evening hours.

Our vision has been for the long term. We designed our office with the look of a home because, in reality, that’s what it is to us. Our thoughts were of neighbors watching out for neighbors; coming alongside people in their times of transition and change. So often these are the most difficult times in our lives; changing homes, jobs, family losses, etc. The Lord calls us to bear with one another the burdens of life. It is our desire to be obedient in that calling!