We offer storage units of all sizes, as well as storage options for large items such as boats, RVs and trailers.

5×5 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 5×5 Foot Storage Unit

The 5×5, approximately the size of a walk-in closet, is the perfect size to store those plastic totes with your out-of-season clothes, or perhaps that evergrowing yarn collection.


5×10 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 5×10 Foot Storage Unit

Picture the 5×10 as a small bathroom, minus all the porcelain and plumbing of course. You can store your son’s bed, dresser, desk, and lots of boxes until he comes home from college.


10×10 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 10×10 Foot Storage Unit

Our 10×10 is easily the size of that 3rd bedroom. You know the one…it was your office, but has since become the “catch-all room”.


10×15 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 10×15 Foot Storage Unit

Ah, the 10×15; big enough to store the entire contents of that 17 foot truck you rented, including “Grandma’s Attic”.


10×20 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 10×20 Foot Storage Unit

“Dear 10×20, May I please have my garage back?” If yours is anything like mine, it’s too full to park the car in anymore.


10×25 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 10×25 Foot Storage Unit

The 10×25 is kind of like the awkward kid at school. He gets picked last to play dodge-ball, but when chosen he gets the job done!


10×30 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 10×30 Foot Storage Unit

Need to move in with the parental units for a while? Store your entire 3 bedroom/2 bath house (including your kitchen sink) in the 10×30. Also big enough to have a walkway down the middle to reach Sally’s favorite stuffed animal that you buried in the back!


12×30 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 12×30 Foot Storage Unit

For those of you who don’t want to dock your boat at the marina (or park it in front of your house), the 12×30 is the perfect choice for you. Store your boat, and all your water toys. The best part? No sun exposure to fade that nice sparkly paint job!


14×40 Foot Storage Unit

Photograph of 14×40 Foot Storage Unit

Designed to park your 39’ RV, the 14×40 will keep your rig protected from the elements. What? No rig? Well, then you can build a second story in this unit and store enough goods to start your own thrift store someday!


22 & 44 Foot Canopy

Photograph of 22 & 44 Foot Canopy

HOA (or maybe the next-door neighbor) giving you a hard time about parking your boat or RV on the street in front of your house, but don’t have room in your driveway? Bring them down here and park it under our canopy!

$85 & $140/mo